digital health

An incredible trend that has been a driving force in the health care sector in the 21st century has been the fusion of technology and healthcare. The digital culture this century came with has transformed the healthcare field in numerous ways with solutions changing the way we manage our health.

The Amazing Ways Digital Health Is Improving Patient Care

The influence of tech spans all aspects of the healthcare sector. Thanks to technology, we now have a broad spectrum of health solutions that include mobile health applications (mHealth apps), wearable devices, electronic health records (EHRs), personalised medicine, telehealth, and telemedicine. Although these changes have majorly affected doctor to patient relationships, other players in the health sector are fast adopting technology as a driving force for change.

Despite facing initial setbacks, the United States Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been at the forefront, leveraging improvements in computer modelling and EHRs to track health care spending. Technology has also helped improve data collection in healthcare informatics, helping to improve the quality of patient care and health. The coronavirus pandemic has further helped fuel the flames of change in the healthcare sector.

The Future Of Digital Health

Digital health is more than just using technologies and tools in creating solutions tailored for the health sector. It further utilises and combines, where necessary, artificial intelligence, interoperable data, and machine learning to create prevention-oriented healthcare that is patient-focused. This era will certainly be pivotal in many major medical breakthroughs in solutions that will boost accuracy and efficiency while saving time, money and lives.