The future is now. Most new appliances come with the option of being “Smart,” meaning they can either be operated or manipulated remotely, by means of an app, via a remote facility like Bluetooth and in some extreme examples even via satellite. What used to be science fiction is now science reality.

Let your house prepare for your arrival

The modern wired and connected house can literally prepare a feast to celebrate your arrival. From the remote activation of a pre-loaded oven, the switching on of lights, the opening of a garage door when the vehicle is sensed, a small taste of some of the delights of a fully digital home.

Not to be outdone, the bedroom can adjust floor heating, draw a bath or pulse exactly the type of spray your body needs in the shower. It will offer you a bed warmed to exactly the snug warmth a winter’s night demands. And in summer? Soothingly cool to ease the weary brow.

The Internet of Things: that uncomplaining companion

Tomorrow morning? It will wake you at the exact time you want, with the sounds you pre-determine and will even start the perfect cup of Joe. It will plan your commute, using real-time traffic reports, advise you on dress depending on the weather report and keep you informed on the latest developments while you were asleep.